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June, 2012


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07/02/2012 Social Media Policies
06/29/2012 Department of Labor Issues Employee Guide to Family and Medical Leave Act
06/28/2012 EEOC Suggests Training for ADEA; Final Rule on Disparate Impact and Reasonable Factors Other Than Age Helpful in Understanding Recent Changes
06/27/2012 United Road Towing Ordered to Pay $380,000 for Disability Discrimination, Training Ordered
06/26/2012 $2 Million Settlement in Back Wages and Interest for Hiring Discrimination by Government Contractor
06/25/2012 $160,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Home Care Group, Training Ordered
06/21/2012 NLRB Launches Web Page About Protected Activity
06/20/2012 $125,000 Settlement in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Heavy Equipment Dealer, Training Ordered
06/19/2012 $68,990 in Back Wages for Overtime Violations by Mental Health Services Company
06/18/2012 $1,073,261 Settlement in Race and Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Whirlpool
06/15/2012 $170,666 in Back Wages for Employees at Restaurant that Violated Overtime, Minimum Wage and Record-Keeping Provisions of the FLSA
06/14/2012 $49,500 Settlement in Failure to Hire an Applicant Based on Disability, Training Ordered
06/13/2012 $50,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Suit Against Trucking Company
06/12/2012 $65,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against a Hospice Care Provider, Training Ordered
06/11/2012 $70,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart, Training Ordered
06/08/2012 $246,438 in Back Wages for Minimum Wage, Overtime and Recordkeeping Violations
06/07/2012 $175,000 Settlement Against Chapman University for Sex Discrimination Based on Denial of a Promotion
06/06/2012 $85,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Egg Producer
06/05/2012 $95,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case by Children's Hospital Colorado, Training Ordered
06/04/2012 $376,380 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Overtime Violations by Truck Testing Service
06/01/2012 $485,107 in Overtime Back Wages Paid by Bio-Electric Power Plant for Misclassification of Employees


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