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August, 2012


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09/04/2012 Will the Obama NLRB Force Employers to Allow Unions to Use their Email Systems?
08/31/2012 First Whistleblower Award by SEC Under Dodd-Frank
08/30/2012 Eighth Circuit Rules that 27 year Independent Sales Rep is Contractor Not Employee
08/29/2012 NLRB Making it Difficult for Employers to Write Policies
08/28/2012 Tenth Circuit affirms $140,571.62 in attorneys' fees for the EEOC's "frivolous" lawsuit
08/27/2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics Publishes Data Regarding Both Access and Use of Paid and Unpaid Leave
08/24/2012 $130,529 in Back Pay and Penalties for Overtime and Minimum Wage Violations Against Puerto Rican Restaurant
08/23/2012 USI Advisors of Glastonbury, Conn., agrees to pay $1.27 million to 13 defined benefit pension plans
08/22/2012 $80,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against Employment Agency
08/21/2012 Wal-Mart Settles EEOC Lawsuit for $50,000, Training Ordered
08/20/2012 $274,884 in Back Wages for Overtime and Minimum Wage Violations by Home Health Care Provider
08/16/2012 $125,763 in Back Wages Paid by Restaurant for Overtime, Minimum Wage and Record-Keeping Violations
08/15/2012 $120,000 Settlement in Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against Trucking Delivery Company, Training Ordered
08/13/2012 $400,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit
08/10/2012 Grocery Stores Paid $226,081 in Back Wages for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Record Keeping Violations
08/09/2012 Illinois Law Protects Employees' Social Networking Information
08/08/2012 $203,539 in Back Wages Paid By Satellite Installation Companies for Wage and Hour Violations
08/07/2012 The NLRB Invites Briefs on Issues of Tax Payments and Social Security Contributions in Back Pay Lump Sum Payments
08/06/2012 $255,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against Non-Profit Health Care System
08/03/2012 $75,000 Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit
08/02/2012 $104,374 in Back Wages to be Paid By Janitorial Services Company for Overtime and Record Keeping Violations
08/01/2012 $797,405 in Back Pay for Wage and Hour Violations by Auto Sales Group


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