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September, 2012


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California Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Social Media Privacy
$630,000 Settlement in Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against Trucking Firm, Training Ordered
Homeland Security Investigations Fines New Jersey Company $625,000 for Hiring Illegal Aliens
NLRB Rules on Costco Social Media Policy
$187,000 Awarded to RadioShack Employee for Age Discrimination and Retaliation
$1.3 Million In Wages Ordered for Disabled Workers Due to Pay Discrimination
$204,329 in Back Wages for FLSA Violations
$325,000 in Back Wages and Interest in Discriminatory Hiring Case Against Engine Part Manufacturer
EEOC Creates Educational Information for Working-Age Students About Sexual Harassment and Other Employment Discrimination
$975,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination Suit Against Acute Care Hospital, Training Ordered
Seventh Circuit Reverses Lower Courts Decision About Reasonable Accommodations for Workers with Disabilities
$675,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Violations of Fair Labor Standards Act by Boston Restaurant Owner
$165,000 Settlement in Race Discrimination Lawsuit Against Food Product Distributor, Training Ordered
California Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Workers from Discrimination Based on a Religious Dress or Grooming Practice
$240,447 in Back Wages, Damages and Penalties Paid by Blueberry Growers for FLSA and Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Violations
$295,000 Settlement in Hiring Discrimination Case Against Government Contractor
$750,000 Settlement in ADA Lawsuit Against Automotive and Specialty Vehicle Parts Provider, Training Ordered
$657,069 in Back Wages to be Paid by Produce Broker for Minimum Wage, Overtime and Record Keeping Violations
EEOC Proposes Revisions to FOIA Regulations
Will the Obama NLRB Force Employers to Allow Unions to Use their Email Systems?


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