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October, 2012


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11/01/2012 E-Verify Toolkit and Overview for Employees
10/31/2012 EEOC Publishes Questions and Answers About Applicants and Employees who Experience Domestic or Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking
10/30/2012 Eighth Circuit Rules in FLSA Overtime Case
10/29/2012 Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy Has Developed Informational Videos for Young Workers
10/26/2012 $371,675 in Back Wages Paid by Domino's Pizza for Overtime, Minimum Wage and Record-Keeping Violations
10/24/2012 $103,987 in Back Wages for FMLA and FLSA's Overtime Pay Violations
10/23/2012 $120,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against BellSouth Telecommunications
10/22/2012 $235,000 Settlement in Age Discrimination Lawsuit Against Municipality, Training Ordered
10/19/2012 $106,818 in Back Wages for Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay Violations by Landscape Services Company
10/18/2012 $200,000 Jury Verdict in Racial Harassment Lawsuit Against Manufacturer, Training Ordered
10/17/2012 Department of Labor Launches Toolkit for Workplace Flexibility Information
10/16/2012 $485,913 in Back Wages to be Paid by Mexican Restaurants for Overtime, Minimum Wage and Record-Keeping Violations
10/15/2012 $430,000 in Back Wages for Wage Underpayments by Underpayments on Federally Funded Projects
10/12/2012 $75,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit Against Vineyards, Training Ordered
10/11/2012 Federal Government Actions Unprecedented: Memo to Employers That WARN Act Violations will be Paid for by Federal Government
10/10/2012 $70,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Textile Company, Training Ordered
10/09/2012 $37,394 in Back Wages for Overtime Pay and Record Keeping Violations
10/08/2012 $115,056 in Back Wages to be Paid by Akal Security for Overtime Compensation Violations Against its K-9 Handlers
10/05/2012 $146,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case Against Medical Facility, Training Ordered
10/04/2012 National Labor Relations Board Rules on Discharge Due to Facebook Posting
10/03/2012 $188,500 Settlement in Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wholesale Food Distributor
10/02/2012 $200,000 Award in Racial Harassment Lawsuit by San Antonio Manufacturer
10/01/2012 California Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Social Media Privacy


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