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April, 2013


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05/01/2013 $700,000 Settlement in a Class Action Against a Manufacturing Company, Training Ordered
04/30/2013 EEOC Issues Latest Edition of Federal Sector Digest
04/29/2013 USCIS to Hold Teleconference Addressing Revisions to the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9
04/26/2013 $173,863 in Overtime Back Wages for Violations of the FLSA Overtime and Record-Keeping Provisions
04/25/2013 OSHA Publishes Ladder Safety Pamphlet
04/24/2013 Supreme Court Issues Opinion Which May Help Employers Defeat FLSA Collective Action Lawsuits
04/23/2013 $100,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fast Food Chain Franchisee
04/22/2013 $250,000 Settlement in National Origin Discrimination Case, Training Ordered
04/19/2013 $175,602 in Back Wages for Wage and Hour Violations by Contractor Partially Financed by Department of Energy
04/18/2013 Arizona Worker Paid Back Wages and Expenses under FMLA
04/17/2013 $230,000 in Racial Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against Utah Construction Company, Training Ordered
04/16/2013 US Citizenship and Immigration Services Will Implement Verification System Requiring Biometric Data
04/15/2013 $35,037,586 in Back Wages to be Paid to Workers by Puerto Rico for FLSA Violations
04/12/2013 $137,705 in Back Wages for Violations of Wage and Hour Laws
04/10/2013 Chair of EEOC Issues Statement on Equal Pay Day April 9, 2013
04/09/2013 $80,000 Settlement in Pregnancy Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit, Training Ordered
04/08/2013 US Citizenship and Immigration Service Reached Fiscal Year 2014 H-1B Cap
04/05/2013 $315,767 in Back Wages, Liquidated Damages, and Penalties for FLSA Violations by Sprout Grower
04/04/2013 $65,705 in Back Wages for FLSA Violations of Minimum Wage, Overtime, Record-Keeping, and Classification of Exempt Employees
04/03/2013 USCIS Suspends Adjudication of H-2B Petitions, DOL to Revise Wage Rule
04/02/2013 $65,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Outback Steakhouse, Training Ordered
04/01/2013 Department of Labor Issues Briefs on Recommendations for an Aging Workforce


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