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July, 2013


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08/02/2013 $48,800 in Back Wages for FMLA Violations by Aerospace Manufacturing Company
08/01/2013 $595,737 in Back Wages for FLSA Violations by Geological Services Company
07/31/2013 USCIS Posts FAQs in Response to Recent Supreme Court DOMA Decision
07/30/2013 $112,573 Settlement in Back Wages by Federal Contractor to Workers Terminated for Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
07/29/2013 EEOC Issues Latest Edition of Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
07/26/2013 $302,500 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Home Healthcare Provider, Training Ordered
07/25/2013 Garment Company Trustee Agrees to Restore More than $4.2 Million in Pension Plan Funds After Alleged Misuse
07/24/2013 $900,000 Settlement in Discriminatory Hiring Lawsuit Against Dating Service
07/23/2013 EEO-1 Survey for 2013 Opened July 22nd
07/22/2013 $106,573 in Back Wages for Violations of FLSA by Restaurant
07/19/2013 $372,739 Settlement in Discrimination Case Against Federal Contractor
07/18/2013 Memorandum of Understanding Between Justice Department and NLRB to Coordinate Anti-Discrimination Based on National Origin or Citizenship Status
07/17/2013 Department of Treasury Delays ACA Requirement for Large Employers
07/16/2013 $100,000 Decree in Disability Discrimination Case Against Staffing Agency, Training Ordered
07/15/2013 Iowa Supreme Court Affirms Summary Judgment in Case of Termination Due to Wife's Concern About Relationship Between Employer Husband and His Employee
07/12/2013 EEOC Employer Information Report Due No Later than September 30, Passwords Reset
07/11/2013 Mine Safety Health Administration Releases Final Data for 2012 Fatality and Injury Rates
07/08/2013 Over $78,000 in Back Wages and Penalties for FLSA Violations By Furniture Making Companies
07/05/2013 Transportation Company Settles Race Discrimination Case Based On Criminal Conviction Record
07/03/2013 Supreme Court Determines that "But-For" Causation Needs to be Proven In Title VII Retaliation Claims
07/02/2013 USCIS Offers Enhanced Service to Employees Through E-Verify
07/01/2013 $370,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia, Training Ordered


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