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July, 2013


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$48,800 in Back Wages for FMLA Violations by Aerospace Manufacturing Company
$595,737 in Back Wages for FLSA Violations by Geological Services Company
USCIS Posts FAQs in Response to Recent Supreme Court DOMA Decision
$112,573 Settlement in Back Wages by Federal Contractor to Workers Terminated for Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
EEOC Issues Latest Edition of Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
$302,500 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Suit Against Home Healthcare Provider, Training Ordered
Garment Company Trustee Agrees to Restore More than $4.2 Million in Pension Plan Funds After Alleged Misuse
$900,000 Settlement in Discriminatory Hiring Lawsuit Against Dating Service
EEO-1 Survey for 2013 Opened July 22nd
$106,573 in Back Wages for Violations of FLSA by Restaurant
$372,739 Settlement in Discrimination Case Against Federal Contractor
Memorandum of Understanding Between Justice Department and NLRB to Coordinate Anti-Discrimination Based on National Origin or Citizenship Status
Department of Treasury Delays ACA Requirement for Large Employers
$100,000 Decree in Disability Discrimination Case Against Staffing Agency, Training Ordered
Iowa Supreme Court Affirms Summary Judgment in Case of Termination Due to Wife's Concern About Relationship Between Employer Husband and His Employee
EEOC Employer Information Report Due No Later than September 30, Passwords Reset
Mine Safety Health Administration Releases Final Data for 2012 Fatality and Injury Rates
Over $78,000 in Back Wages and Penalties for FLSA Violations By Furniture Making Companies
Transportation Company Settles Race Discrimination Case Based On Criminal Conviction Record
Supreme Court Determines that "But-For" Causation Needs to be Proven In Title VII Retaliation Claims
USCIS Offers Enhanced Service to Employees Through E-Verify
$370,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit Against HoneyBaked Ham Co. of Georgia, Training Ordered


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