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October, 2013


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11/01/2013 $875,000 in Back Wages and Interest to be Paid by Federal Construction Contractor for Discriminatory Behavior
10/31/2013 USCIS Redesigns Website to Make It More User-Friendly
10/30/2013 USCIS Offers Spanish Language Webinar About E-Verify for Employers
10/29/2013 Department of Labor Recovers Over $4 Million from Fiduciaries of Employee Stock Ownership Plan
10/28/2013 California Enacts Legislation with Protections for Individuals With Prior Criminal Records
10/25/2013 $925,000 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages to be Paid by Fur and Hide Supplier for Violations of the FLSA
10/24/2013 Staffing Company in California to Pay $920,000 for Discrimination in Recruitment and Hiring, Training Ordered
10/23/2013 National Labor Relations Board Reopens and Posts Information Regarding Filing Deadlines in Light of Government Shutdown
10/22/2013 EEOC Loses Religious Accommodation Suit
10/21/2013 USCIS Resumes Its E-Verify Service
10/18/2013 Iowa Court of Appeals Reverses Lower Courts Decision Where Employee Refused Drug Test
10/17/2013 USCIS Grants Visas Normally Reserved for Professional Athletes To Video Gamers
10/16/2013 Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds $750,000 Fees Award Against the EEOC
10/14/2013 United States Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Fair Share Obligation of Home Health Workers in Illinois
10/09/2013 IRS Issues Notice to Correct Overpayment of Taxes for Same Sex Spouses
10/07/2013 National Labor Relations Board Closed Due to Lapse of Appropriated Funds
10/02/2013 Government Agencies Have Limited Activities During Government Shutdown
10/01/2013 $450,000 Settlement for National Origin Discrimination By Transportation Company, Training Ordered


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