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January, 2014


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02/03/2014 Supreme Court Rules on Meaning of Changing Clothes Under the FLSA
01/31/2014 Company to Pay $248,000 in Back Wages and Penalties for Violations of FLSA and H-2B Nonimmigrant Worker Provisions
01/30/2014 OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Deadline Coming Up on February 1st
01/29/2014 OFCCP Approves Self-Identification of Disability Form
01/28/2014 $21 Million Settlement with Company Over Prohibited Securities Purchases for Employee Benefit Plans
01/27/2014 E-Verify Serves over 500,000 Companies, USCIS Updates E-Verify Website
01/24/2014 $2,236,218 in Back Wages for Hiring Discrimination by Meat Distributor
01/23/2014 $10 Million Settlement Against Former Owners of Company for Selling Company to ESOP at a Price Above Market Value
01/21/2014 OSHA Launches Online Resource for Worker Safety in Hospitals
01/20/2014 USCIS Announces Countries Whose Nations Are Eligible to Participate in H-2A and H-2B Visa Programs
01/17/2014 EEOC and Office of Special Counsel Renew Agreement to Enforce Federal Sector Anti-Discrimination Laws
01/16/2014 NLRB Office of General Counsel Authorizes Complaint Against WalMart
01/15/2014 Company Restores Almost $2 Million to 401(k) Plan for Underfunding
01/14/2014 $370,000 Settlement in Genetic Information Discrimination Lawsuit Against Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
01/13/2014 DOL Issues FAQs on the Affordable Care Act
01/10/2014 $100,994 in Back Wages and Damages to Employee for Retaliation by Trucking Company
01/09/2014 Senate Agrees to Move Forward on Extending Emergency Unemployment Compensation
01/07/2014 NLRB Does Not Seek Review of Decisions Invalidating Notice Posting Rule
01/06/2014 Minimum Wage Raised in 13 States in 2013
01/02/2014 $170,000 Settlement in Religious Discrimination Lawsuit where Employer Required Employees to Participate in Religious Practices of Scientology, Training Ordered


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