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April, 2014


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05/01/2014 National Labor Relations Board Determines Language of Employer Policy Could Violate NLRA
04/29/2014 USCIS H-1B Premium Processing to Begin April 28
04/28/2014 Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Opens Question as to Whether Telecommuting is a Reasonable Accommodation
04/24/2014 Administration Creates Online Veterans Employment Center
04/22/2014 Successor Employer Agrees to Pay $1,000,000 in Backpay for Failing to Hire Long Time Employees
04/21/2014 $1,808,245 in Back Wages and Penalties for Violations of Wage and Record-Keeping Laws
04/18/2014 Farm to Pay $460,000 in Back Wages and Penalties for Violation of the FLSA and MSPA
04/16/2014 NLRB Holds Employer's Standards of Conduct Policy to be Unlawful Restrictions to Protected Concerted Activity
04/15/2014 Wage and Hour Division Posts Official Blog Entry About Paid vs. Unpaid Internships
04/14/2014 $100,000 Settlement in Pay Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fast Food Franchise
04/11/2014 $258,524 in Back Pay and Penalties for Violations of the FLSA and Federal Child Labor Regulations
04/10/2014 President Obama Signs Two Executive Orders on Pay Discrimination
04/08/2014 USCIS Reaches Fiscal Year 2015 H-1B Cap on April 7, 2014
04/07/2014 $354,250 Settlement for Sex Discrimination Against Men in Hiring Process, Training Ordered
04/04/2014 $2.3 Million in Proposed OSHA Fines for Knowingly Exposing Workers to Asbestos and Lead
04/03/2014 $277,565 in Back Wages for Overtime and Record-Keeping Violations by Janitorial Service Subcontractor
04/02/2014 Car Dealership Settles Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Suit for Over $2 Million, Training Ordered


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