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June, 2014


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07/01/2014 $1.35 Million Settlement in Disability Discrimination Suit Against Healthcare System, Training Ordered
06/30/2014 Supreme Court Issues 9-0 Decision in Case Involving President's Controversial Decision About Recess Appointments
06/27/2014 Restaurant to Pay $800,000 in Back Wages and Damages for Creating an Illegal Tip Pooling Arrangement
06/26/2014 Fourth Circuit Court Upholds Jury Verdict and Injunctive Relief for Victims of Racial Harassment
06/25/2014 Recordkeeping Requirements Under the FLSA Revisited
06/24/2014 $155,000 Settlement in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Private Security Company, Training Ordered
06/23/2014 Secretary of Labor Announced Proposed Rule to Extend FMLA Protections to All Eligible Employees in Same-Sex Marriages
06/20/2014 West Virginia Business to Pay $381,000 in Back WAges for Wage and Hour Violations
06/19/2014 Schneider Logistics and Walmart Settle as Joint Employers in Wage and Hour Violations Lawsuit for $21 Million
06/18/2014 NLRB Finds Employees Outburst Against Employer to Be Protected Activity
06/17/2014 Housing Authority to Pay $425,000 in Overtime Back Wages for Violating Wage and Hour Provisions
06/16/2014 Lincoln Electric Company Settles Hiring Discrimination Allegations with Backpay and Offers of Employment
06/12/2014 $300,000 Settlement in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Atlanta Based Bank
06/11/2014 Lowe's to Pay Up to $6.5 Million to Settle Misclassification Lawsuit
06/10/2014 Contractors Involved in Construction Project in New York City to Pay $4.9 Million in Back Wages for Numerous Violations
06/09/2014 Company Paid $619,830 in Back Wages for Failing to Pay Employees for Mandatory Meetings
06/05/2014 $2.4 Million in Relief to Employees for National Origin and Race Discrimination by Four Hawaii Farms
06/04/2014 GreatBanc Trust Co. to Pay $5.25 in Settlement for Violation of ERISA
06/03/2014 Louisiana Enacts Social Media Policy to Limit Employers' Access to Online Accounts
06/02/2014 Italian Restaurants to Pay $200,000 as Relief for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, Training Ordered


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