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September, 2014


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09/30/2014 EEOC Issues Latest Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/29/2014 Department of Labor Publishes Final Rule Reducing Reporting Requirements Under VEVRAA
09/26/2014 Department of Labor Grants Over $14 Million to Improve Employment Opportunities for Those with Disabilities
09/25/2014 Federal Forestry Contractors to Pay More Than $541,000 for Underpaying Employees
09/24/2014 $900,000 Settlement in Discrimination and Harassment Case by Federal Contractor
09/23/2014 DSW to Pay $900,000 to Resolve Age Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
09/22/2014 Employer Information Report to be Submitted by September 30, 2014
09/19/2014 EEOC Issues Latest Digest of Equal Employment Opportunity Law
09/18/2014 $290,000 Settlement in Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo, Training Ordered
09/17/2014 Shell Oil and Motiva Enterprises Have Agreed to Pay $4,470,764 in Back Wages for Overtime Wages
09/16/2014 United States and Mexico Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Undocumented Workers for Protection by Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws
09/15/2014 OSHA Issues Final Rule for Requirements of Reporting Severe Injuries
09/12/2014 $537,000 Settlement in Sex Discrimination Case Against Federal Contractor
09/11/2014 $1.5 Million Settlement in Hiring Discrimination Case Against Federal Contractor
09/10/2014 California Adopts Paid Sick Leave Law
09/09/2014 Landscaping Company Violated H-2B Program and Must Pay $300,000 in Back Wages and Penalties
09/08/2014 Hawaii Farms Settle with Thai Workers for $2.4 Million Dollars in Discrimination Suit, Training Ordered
09/05/2014 Bottling Company to Pay $475,000 in Back Wages to Settle Sex Discrimination Case
09/03/2014 EEOC Issues Guide to Help Federal Agencies Advise Workers of Their Rights
09/02/2014 NLRB Extends Weingarten Rights to Drug and Alcohol Test Scenarios


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