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November, 2014


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12/01/2014 Company Pays $300,000 for Violations of Section 14(c ) of the FLSA
11/28/2014 Federal Contractor to Pay $2,904,000 in Back Wages for Wage Hour Violations on Federally Funded Projects
11/25/2014 $280,786 in Wages and Damages for Misclassification of Employees
11/24/2014 President Obama Issues Executive Initiatives on Illegal Immigration
11/21/2014 Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division Recovered Back Wages and Assessed Penalties for Violations of Various Labor Laws by Agricultural Industry in Florida
11/20/2014 School District to Pay $138,000 for Retirement Incentive Plan That Was Facially Discriminatory
11/19/2014 EEOC Issues Its Fiscal Year 2014 Performance Report
11/18/2014 USCIS to Begin Disposing of E-Verify Records
11/17/2014 $415,000 to Settle Discrimination and Harassment Suit
11/14/2014 Residential Care Facilities to Pay $44,669 in Back Wages and Liquidated Damages for Minimum Wage and Overtime Violations
11/13/2014 $187,500 Settlement in ADA And GINA Lawsuit Against Seed and Fertilizer Providers
11/11/2014 $128,750 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Car Dealership
11/10/2014 $6.8 Million FCRA Settlement Between Publix Super Markets and Job Applicants
11/07/2014 Nearly $2 Million Correction in Preventive Care Benefits
11/05/2014 Marshmallow Manufacturer to Change Leave Policy to Resolve Disability Discrimination Suit
11/04/2014 Wal-Mart Stores to Pay $72,500 in Disabilities Discrimination Case
11/03/2014 Over $6.48 Million Judgment to be Repaid to Pension Plans by Owner and Trustees of DirecTv Installer


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