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December, 2014


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01/05/2015 Sony to Pay $85,000 under Decree Resolving EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit, Training Required
01/02/2015 EEOC Announces Intent to Propose Regulations that May Harmonize ACA Wellness Program Rules with ADA
12/30/2014 $4.5 Milllion Recovered for More than 5,300 Pennsylvania and West Virginia Oil and Gas Workers for Unpaid Overtime
12/29/2014 $185 Million in Punitive Damages in AutoZone Gender Bias Suit
12/26/2014 Employers Must Be Careful to Provide Proper FMLA Notices
12/22/2014 National Labor Relations Board Decides Case About Employee Use of Email System for Protected Communications
12/19/2014 $637,048 in Back Wages and Penalties for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Classification Violations
12/18/2014 $4.7 Million to be Returned to Multi-Employer Benefit Plan by Fiduciaries
12/17/2014 New NLRB Rules on "Quickie Elections" Require Employers to Be Prepared
12/16/2014 NLRB Issues Final Rule with Changes to Union Election Procedures
12/15/2014 Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Decision in No Overtime Pay for After-Work Security Check
12/11/2014 Mexican Restaurant Chain to Pay $230,000 in Back Wages and Damages for FLSA Violations
12/10/2014 $4,498,547 in Back Wages for Wage and Hour Violations in the Natural Gas Extraction Industry
12/09/2014 Fiduciaries of Defunct Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Liable for $4.7 Million in Assets
12/08/2014 $580,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Discrimination Suit Against Staffing Company, Training Ordered
12/05/2014 $250,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Harassment Suit Against Fueling Services Company
12/04/2014 Department of Labor Announces Rule Implementing Executive Order 13672
12/03/2014 $1.2 Million Settlement in Race and National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
12/02/2014 Hospital to Pay $85,000 for Disability Discrimination Against Nurse Undergoing Cancer Treatments, Training Ordered
12/01/2014 Company Pays $300,000 for Violations of Section 14(c ) of the FLSA


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