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December, 2014


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Sony to Pay $85,000 under Decree Resolving EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit, Training Required
EEOC Announces Intent to Propose Regulations that May Harmonize ACA Wellness Program Rules with ADA
$4.5 Milllion Recovered for More than 5,300 Pennsylvania and West Virginia Oil and Gas Workers for Unpaid Overtime
$185 Million in Punitive Damages in AutoZone Gender Bias Suit
Employers Must Be Careful to Provide Proper FMLA Notices
National Labor Relations Board Decides Case About Employee Use of Email System for Protected Communications
$637,048 in Back Wages and Penalties for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Classification Violations
$4.7 Million to be Returned to Multi-Employer Benefit Plan by Fiduciaries
New NLRB Rules on "Quickie Elections" Require Employers to Be Prepared
NLRB Issues Final Rule with Changes to Union Election Procedures
Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Decision in No Overtime Pay for After-Work Security Check
Mexican Restaurant Chain to Pay $230,000 in Back Wages and Damages for FLSA Violations
$4,498,547 in Back Wages for Wage and Hour Violations in the Natural Gas Extraction Industry
Fiduciaries of Defunct Multi-Employer Benefit Plan Liable for $4.7 Million in Assets
$580,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Discrimination Suit Against Staffing Company, Training Ordered
$250,000 Settlement in Race and National Origin Harassment Suit Against Fueling Services Company
Department of Labor Announces Rule Implementing Executive Order 13672
$1.2 Million Settlement in Race and National Origin Discrimination Lawsuit, Training Ordered
Hospital to Pay $85,000 for Disability Discrimination Against Nurse Undergoing Cancer Treatments, Training Ordered
Company Pays $300,000 for Violations of Section 14(c ) of the FLSA


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